Director's profile


Prof. Jack U. Kamiruka holds Bachelor Degree from Scott Christian University, Kenya and both Master and Doctoral Degrees in Systematic Theology from Stellenbosch University in South Africa. He has a wealth of experience in teaching and academic leadership having taught and served as a leader in a number of institutions in Kenya and beyond. Kenya, in particular, he has taught in such institutions as Scott Christian University, Kabarak University, Kenya Highlands University, Nairobi International School of Theology and Great Lakes University of Kisumu among others. In academic leadership, he has served in various positions such as that of Head of Department, Dean of Faculty, Director Postgraduate studies as well as being a Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs at Great Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK).

In Academic research, he has published and participated in a number of research forums. His own recent published works include: John Calvin’s views on Sanctification and Holy Spirit: The sanctifying power. He has also served as a member of the Consortium of Health Research in Kenya. Besides, he has travelled widely within the continent of Africa and beyond. His recent trip was to Israel – the Holy Land -from where, upon training on Management of Institutions of Higher learning from Galilee International Management Institute, he was awarded a certificate of recognition. Furthermore, Prof. Kamiruka has supervised many Master and Doctoral students and currently serves as an external examiner in a number of Institutions in Kenya and beyond. A good number of students he has taught and supervised have made a mark in their careers, holding senior positions in society and have significantly contributed to the development of their nations.

As the Director of Lake Basin Region Center for Theology, Prof. Kamiruka believes that the center is strategically poised to be one of the best and quality institution of training rooted in the Word of God in this century.