The Lake Basin Region Centre for Theology (LBRCT) is an Inter-denominational Protestant Christian Institution established in 2014 primarily for the purpose of training Church ministers. Over the past few decades, there has been an increase in number of Christian churches in the region. The Churches include those established by the early missionaries as well as those initiated by the Africans. However, due to lack of and inadequate trained ministers, churches face a number of challenges. The challenges range from limited biblical knowledge, to inefficient skills for service and poor leadership. The Lake Basin Centre, therefore, seeks to bridge the gap by providing quality training necessary for equipping the pastors for effective church ministry.
The Lake Basin Centre training program seeks to reach out and serve churches within the Lake Basin Region countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo, and South Sudan and even beyond. Being a Centre for theology, many other students registered either at international or local institutions are also accommodated and assisted on request, based on their respective areas of academic need.


The Mission of the Centre is to prepare depandable Godly leaders through training in the areas of knowledge, skills and character for service and social transformation of human society.

Our core values

The following are the core values of the institution:

  1. Biblical based learning.
  2. Faithfulness, honesty and intergrity.
  3. Servanthood.
  4. Stewardship.
  5. Innovative learning.
Our philosophy

Lake Basin Region Centre for Theology believes that Godly leadership is the foundatio and pillar upon which enriching and fulfilling service to God and social transformation of human society can be obtained for the better good as originally intended by God.



My experience with Lake Basin Region Centre for Theology has been inspiring. I got involved with teaching in 2017 at the Centre in Kisumu, Kenya.I found the students eager learners, well prepared by Dr. Kamiruka and the Centre Faculty. I, also, spoke at the Annual Conference to a room of friendly faces with curious questions. I was privileged to speak to 2019 Annual Conference as well and delighted by the information I gained by interacting with attendees.

I conclude that Lake Basin Region Centre for theology and her Annual Conferences illustrate Dr. Kamiruka's drive to facilitate the learning of important knowledge understanding, and wisdom by students and community of friends from different Countries and cultures who share his desire for quality. Your enrolment will be beneficial, as I continue to experience through contact with graduates. And your donations will be prudently invested as I can attest.

Rev. Maurice Painter, MAOL
Tennessee, USA.